“17 Weekend Tips: Your Ultimate Guide to Dresden and Beyond”

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Dresden: 17 Tipps fürs Wochenende

Looking for things to do in Dresden and the surrounding area this weekend? Look no further! Here are 17 selected events and activities that offer something for everyone:

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Takeo Ischi: The Master Yodeler from Japan

On Sunday, the Stadtkulturhaus in Freital will be rocking to the tunes of Takeo Ischi, the renowned master yodeler from Japan. Prepare to be mesmerized by his unique vocal talents!

Görlitz Model Railway Exhibition

From January 12th to 14th, the Messe- und Blumenhalle in Löbau will host the “Modell + Bahn-Ausstellung” organized by the Görlitz Model Railway Association. This hobby exhibition is the largest of its kind in the Oberlausitz region and promises to be a delightful experience for model train enthusiasts of all ages.

Winter Wine Glowing at Hoflößnitz

Experience a cozy winter atmosphere at the Hoflößnitz vineyard in Radebeul. Sip on delicious bio-glühwein and other hot beverages while enjoying local delicacies like bratwurst, flammkuchen, waffles, and lángos. There will also be a historic carousel for the little ones to enjoy.

Franz Schubert’s Winter Journey

Don’t miss the special evening dedicated to Franz Schubert’s masterpiece, “Winter Journey,” at the Baroque House in Görlitz. Bass-baritone Thilo Dahlmann and pianist Doriana Tchakarova will enchant the audience with their performance of this romantic musical cycle.

KRIMI total DINNER – A Corpse for the Bride

Join in the interactive theater experience of “KRIMI total DINNER” at the Eventgewölbe Dresden. Solve the mysterious murder case while enjoying a delicious wedding dinner. Can you unravel the secrets and find the culprit?

Jive Talkin’ – Bee Gees Tribute Show

Get ready to dance and groove to the iconic hits of the Bee Gees with the tribute show “Jive Talkin’,” happening at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Zittau. The talented performers will transport you back to the disco era with their authentic outfits and unforgettable music.

Edelweiss Folk Music

Experience the magic of the Edelweiss Folk Music concert at the StadtKulturHaus Freital. Let the talented musicians take you on a journey through the hits of the past four decades. The show promises to be full of familiar melodies and beloved songs that will have you dancing in your seats.

New Year’s Concert by NLP in Kamenz

Enjoy the New Year’s concert at the Hotel “Stadt Dresden” in Kamenz. The concert, titled “In 80 Minutes Across America,” will feature works by Aaron Copland, Benjamin Britten, Astor Piazzolla, Arturo Márquez, and George Gershwin. Immerse yourself in a musical journey through the diverse landscapes of the United States.

VENGA VENGA 90s & 2000s Party in Pretzschendorf

Relive the nostalgia of the 90s and 2000s at the VENGA VENGA party in Pretzschendorf’s Kulturhaus. Dance to the biggest hits of the era, enjoy performances by the Comic Dancecrew, and don’t forget to dress up in your favorite neon outfits.

50-1 Years Engerling – Anniversary Tour in Pirna

Celebrate the 50th-anniversary tour of the band Engerling at the Kleinkunstbühne Pirna Q24. The band has stayed true to their unique style of German rock mixed with blues and soul throughout the years. Prepare for a night of timeless classics and a glimpse into the band’s history.

51st Winter Biker Meeting at Schloss Augustusburg

Get revved up for the 51st Winter Biker Meeting at Schloss Augustusburg. Admire a stunning collection of motorcycles, engage in friendly conversations about bikes, enjoy live music, explore the parts market, and indulge in delicious food and drinks.

Christmas Tree Bonfire in Leppersdorf

Experience a heartwarming Christmas tree bonfire in Leppersdorf. Join in the festivities with bratwurst, glühwein, and beer, as the burning trees provide warmth, light, and a cozy atmosphere.

Thomas Stelzer Trio at the Underground Worlds

Immerse yourself in the bluesy melodies of the Thomas Stelzer Trio at the Unterirdische Welten in Dresden’s Lockwitzgrund. Let Thomas Stelzer’s unique voice and the band’s exceptional musical skills transport you to an evening filled with soulful tunes.

Herr Pastor, Ihre Kutte rutscht!

Prepare for an evening of laughter with the hilarious comedy “Herr Pastor, Ihre Kutte rutscht!” at the Boulevardtheater Dresden. Enjoy a frisky and light-hearted performance that promises to keep you entertained and laughing throughout.

Aber bitte mit Helene – The Udo Jürgens and Helene Fischer Concert Show

Indulge in an evening of emotions, humor, and charm with the concert show “Aber bitte mit Helene – The Udo Jürgens and Helene Fischer Concert Show.” Friedrich Rau and Katja Wiesigkstrauch will captivate the audience with their unique interpretations of Udo Jürgens and Helene Fischer’s songs. Live piano music blends with catchy party hits, making it an unforgettable experience.

HAPPY NEW EAR in Hellerau

Celebrate the musical start to the new year at HAPPY NEW EAR in HELLERAU. The Dedalus Ensemble will present the works of groundbreaking pioneers of electronic music, Brian Eno and Éliane Radigue, in a never-before-heard arrangement for chamber orchestra. Immerse yourself in an immersive experience that combines audience and orchestra in a unique way.

Gulda and Mozart

Don’t miss the fusion of classical and contemporary music with Friedrich Gulda’s concerto for cello and wind ensemble, followed by Mozart’s renowned wind serenade at the Kulturpalast Dresden. Experience the lively and inventive performances delivered by the musicians.

Heinz Klever – General Reality Theory in Zittau

Join Heinz Klever, the renowned comedian, in his solo program “Heinz Klever – General Reality Theory” at the Gerhart-Hauptmann-Theater Zittau. Prepare for an evening of laughs and clever commentary on everyday life.

More Exciting Events in Augusto’s Event Calendar

If you’re still hungry for more events and activities, be sure to check out Augusto’s comprehensive event calendar. It offers hundreds of exciting options in Dresden, the surrounding area, and the Oberlausitz region. From concerts and theater performances to parties and unique locations, you’ll find something to suit your interests.

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