“300 New Jobs: Wärmetechnik Specialist Yados Invests €20 Million in Hoyerswerda”

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The Energiewende Boosts Job Growth in Hoyerswerda

In a positive turn of events for the town of Hoyerswerda, the energy transition has become a job engine, thanks to the expansion plans of Wärmetechnik-Firma Yados. The company is set to nearly double its production area within a year, leading to the creation of 300 new jobs. This exciting development was announced during a project presentation attended by Hoyerswerda’s Mayor, Torsten Ruban-Zeh, and the management team of Yados, including CEO Frank Stiehler and Prokurist (Authorized Representative) Olaf Besser.

Yados Expansion Image
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An Uphill Battle Against Negative Perceptions

The energy transition, or Energiewende, often faces criticism, with some portraying it as a job killer. However, the scene is different at Yados, located in the Nardt industrial park in the western part of Hoyerswerda. During a meeting that took place on a Wednesday morning, the company’s management and the Mayor of Hoyerswerda expressed their optimism and relaxation regarding the project. Frank Stiehler, the CEO of Yados GmbH, proudly declared, “For us, this is a job engine.” Yados, as part of the Hoval Group, specializes in the production of district heating substations, combined heat and power plants (CHP), and all components necessary for efficient heat networks.

Investments and Growth on the Horizon

Yados has ambitious plans for the future. With an investment of approximately 20 million euros, the company aims to expand its production area, essentially doubling its current capacity. This expansion will not only cater to the growing demand for its products but will also open up opportunities for additional employment in the coming years. The company’s commitment to growth and innovation reflects its confidence in the future of the energy sector, particularly in Hoyerswerda.

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