Servus! Moin! Hallo!

Welcome to Deutsche Way, a blog created by Germans and everything about Germany lovers. We are glad that you are here so that we can share our love in between.

Our team of locals, expats, and frequent german explorers is diverse, but the love for Germany is something that unites us.

Each one of us is here to make sure that you are one step closer to Germany virtually, but also to strengthen your love and admiration for the beautiful country or help you prepare for your next exploration. We will try to show you that even if you can’t make it to Oktoberfest there are plenty more exciting festivities all over the country that are not to be missed, and that Germany is far above and beyond more than just beer.

We want you to transport you in time and place, and you can feel free to choose where to:

FOOD & DRINK – pretzels, donuts, mustard, beer, wine, cakes, vegan delights, and finger licking good traditional recipes, every region has their own liquor and cake, and we will bring you all of them.

EXPLORE LOCAL – breaking the stereotypes that there isn’t humor, and that everything is just about work, people in Germany take their days off seriously they invented the beach basket. Have you heard about it?

THE BLACK FOREST – find about both the darkest and the lushest secrets of our favorite german region, explore the old towns, the hiking trails and much more.

MADE IN GERMANY – from A to Z about german craftsmanship, why are we still crazy about cuckoo watches, nutcrackers, strandkorb, and why we trust so much to the Made in Germany label on the products we use on a daily basis. The kitchenware, cars, and even contact lenses.

HOLIDAYS & CELEBRATIONS – Active Holidays and leisure time, the country offers it all, mountains, thermal baths, seas, lakes, and the list goes on endlessly. We will try to bring you closer to the German tradition through every carnival, festival, and cultural event that shaped the locals, and preserved the tradition.

TRAVEL GUIDES – whether planning your summer getaway or winter holiday we are here with our local tested and tried tips. Our guides will help you to look no more further and have all the information in one place. From history, sightseeing, places that should not be missed, delights that must be tried, but from a local point of view.

Our mission is to encourage you to get to know Germany better, encourage you to reconsider it as your main destination, not just a stopover on your European adventure.
We want to inspire you towards slower-traveling, perceiving tradition and the craftsmanship mindset, and shop small and local.
Refreshing the memories you have from this beautiful country and broadening the knowledge horizons is another part of it.
But most of all sharing the love and appreciation for the country with you, and taking you along on the Deutsche way.