Basarteam Renchen-Ulm Donates to Circus Project: Bringing Joy and Skills to Children

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Basarteam Renchen-Ulm Donates to Circus Project

On February 28, 2024, the Basarteam Renchen-Ulm e.V. held a successful children’s clothing bazaar at the Ullenburghalle. The event attracted numerous buyers with its wide range of children’s clothing in all sizes, colorful toys, and various accessories. The overwhelming response from the community allowed the team to support not just one, but two social causes this year.

The 15-member team, led by Chairwoman Sabine Herr, expressed their gratitude to everyone who supported the Basarteam in any way. Their hard work and dedication made the children’s clothing bazaar a huge success. The team is now excited to donate the proceeds to the recipients.

Supporting the Ullenburgschule

The Basarteam Renchen-Ulm is donating 1,300 euros to the Ullenburgschule in Renchen-Ulm. The funds will be used for a circus project scheduled to take place in spring 2024 as part of a project week. The project aims to provide acrobatics, juggling, clowning, and trapeze lessons to the children, with the support of the circus group “Abeba.” This initiative encourages the development of various skills while promoting teamwork and creativity.

By supporting the Ullenburgschule, the Basarteam Renchen-Ulm is contributing to the educational and recreational growth of the students, fostering a spirit of joy, and providing an outlet for self-expression.

Children playing at the children's clothing bazaar
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Helping Valentin and His Family

Another part of the proceeds from the children’s clothing bazaar was donated to Valentin, a young boy battling cancer, and his family. Valentin, along with his two brothers, was able to fulfill some of his toy wishes at the bazaar. The support provided by the Basarteam Renchen-Ulm during this challenging time has brought a sense of normalcy to the family.

Earlier this spring, the Basarteam Renchen-Ulm also donated to Valentin and his family. Their continuous support not only provides financial assistance but also offers heartfelt encouragement to overcome obstacles.

Continuing Success and Invitation

The Basarteam Renchen-Ulm will continue its success by organizing the next bazaar on March 16, 2024. The organizers extend a warm invitation to everyone to support the event. The children’s clothing bazaar not only provides an opportunity to find treasures but also allows individuals to contribute to noteworthy causes.

To learn more about the Kinderkleiderbasar or the work of the Basarteam, visit their website:

Eingestellt von: Sabine Herr aus Renchen

Source: Stadtanzeiger Ortenau

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