“Berzdorfer See: Görlitz Rejects Wakesurfing Plans by Boat Operator”

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Rift over Wakesurfing Plans at Berzdorfer See

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Entrepreneur Stefan Menzel’s plans to introduce wakesurfing at Berzdorfer See have sparked controversy and raised concerns among local authorities. While the decision has not been finalized yet, both the municipality of Schönau-Berzdorf and the city of Görlitz have expressed reservations about the proposal.

According to a statement by the city’s spokesperson, Annegret Oberndorfer, a key criticism revolves around the choice of boat for wakesurfing. Menzel plans to use a motorboat with a powerful 400 horsepower combustion engine, rather than opting for electric boats. This element has drawn significant criticism from both local districts.

Environmental Concerns

The use of a fossil fuel-powered boat has raised environmental concerns among residents and local authorities. The municipality of Schönau-Berzdorf had already expressed opposition to wakesurfing on the lake, and now the city of Görlitz has also joined in voicing concerns. This opposition is primarily driven by the potential negative impact on both the delicate ecosystem of the lake and the surrounding environment.

By choosing a boat with a combustion engine, Menzel’s wakesurfing initiative could contribute to increased noise and air pollution. Both of these factors could disrupt the tranquility of the lake and its surroundings, adversely affecting local flora and fauna and potentially disturbing the balance of the ecosystem.

The Debate Continues

The debate surrounding Menzel’s wakesurfing proposal at Berzdorfer See is ongoing. Despite facing opposition from local authorities, the final decision has not yet been made. The concerns voiced by residents and the potential environmental impact of using a combustion engine boat for wakesurfing are significant factors that need to be addressed before any approval is granted.

As the discussion unfolds, it remains to be seen whether alternative solutions will be explored to mitigate the environmental concerns and strike a balance between recreational activities and the wellbeing of the lake’s ecosystem.

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