“Boosting Support for Welcome Center Südlicher Oberrhein: Empowering International Professionals”

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Welcome Center Südlicher Oberrhein Receives Funding for Two More Years

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In a recent announcement, the Landesministerium für Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Tourismus (State Ministry of Economy, Labor, and Tourism) has granted a subsidy of approximately 270,000 euros to support the Welcome Center Südlicher Oberrhein (Southern Upper Rhine) in Freiburg for an additional two years. This welcome center, jointly run by IHK Südlicher Oberrhein (Southern Upper Rhine Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and Handwerkskammer Freiburg (Freiburg Chamber of Skilled Crafts), serves as a hub for guidance, counseling, and information related to the recruitment and integration of international professionals.

The Welcome Center Südlicher Oberrhein is a vital resource, not only for international professionals and their families, but also for international students studying at universities in the region. The center provides support and advice on various topics, including immigration and residency regulations, information about the local job market and its companies, job search and application processes, recognition of professional qualifications, as well as German language courses.

Boosting Recruitment of International Professionals

“The regional members of the Green Party, including Daniela Evers, Thomas Marwein, Bernd Mettenleiter, Reinhold Pix, Alexander Schoch, and Nadyne Saint-Cast, emphasize the significance of this facility in attracting foreign professionals to the region. For them, the Welcome Center is a building block that supports employers in the recruitment and integration of international professionals. They also positively assess the involvement of chambers as representatives of local businesses, as it enables targeted and tailored advice.”

Baden-Württemberg hosts a total of eleven regional Welcome Centers, along with the statewide Welcome Center Sozialwirtschaft dedicated to the social sector. These centers, including the Welcome Center Südlicher Oberrhein, have been granted a total funding of 4.5 million euros for the years 2024 and 2025 to further their invaluable work.

By providing valuable guidance and assistance, these welcome centers play a pivotal role in promoting diversity, fostering integration, and enhancing the region’s competitiveness in the global job market. The continued funding for the Welcome Center Südlicher Oberrhein ensures that it can continue to serve as a crucial resource for both international professionals and the local community alike.

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