Can I Make It Without a Car? A Commuter’s Self-Experiment Unveils Surprising Insights

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Life Without a Car: A Surprising Journey of a Commuter

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In a recent survey conducted by SZ-Mobilitätskompass, it was found that 28% of participants in Dresden could imagine living without a car. However, Angelina Sortino, a dedicated commuter between Dresden and Prague, couldn’t fathom the idea. For her, the car symbolized freedom. But as an editorial journalist, she was curious to explore whether it was possible to go without a car and the limitations and financial implications it would entail. What ensued was a surprising six-month journey.

A Commuter’s Dilemma: Car or Public Transportation?

Sortino embarked on her experiment to compare the costs and convenience of commuting by car versus public transportation. Throughout the six-month period, she meticulously calculated the expenses, considering not only fuel costs but also maintenance, parking fees, and tolls. She also took into account the time spent on commuting and the stress level associated with each mode of transport.

As she delved deeper into her endeavor, Sortino discovered that commuting by public transportation was not only cost-effective but also offered unforeseen advantages. The time spent on the train or bus allowed her to engage in reading or catching up on work, transforming her seemingly wasted time into productive moments.

Unexpected Discoveries

“I initially believed that not having a car would be a limitation, but it turned out to be quite the opposite. It opened up new opportunities for me to connect with my fellow commuters and explore the cities in a different way. I even discovered hidden gems during my walks between train stations and workplaces,”

– Angelina Sortino

Moreover, not relying on a car reduced Sortino’s environmental footprint, aligning with her commitment to sustainability and combating climate change. The sense of contributing to a greener planet brought her a sense of fulfillment that she hadn’t expected.

A Surprising Conclusion

After six months of embracing the life of a carless commuter, Sortino reached an unexpected conclusion. She found that the sacrifices she initially feared were outweighed by the benefits she gained. Not only did she save money and minimize her impact on the environment, but she also found a newfound sense of connection and exploration.

Sortino’s journey serves as inspiration to those who are hesitant to let go of their cars. It encourages individuals to consider alternative modes of transportation and the positive impact it can have on their lives and the world around them.

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