Discover All Episodes of the “Thema in Sachsen” Podcast: Listen Now for an Insightful Journey into Saxony

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About the Podcast “Thema in Sachsen”

The podcast “Thema in Sachsen” is a news podcast that focuses on the important events, opinions, and background information in the state of Saxony, Germany. Hosted by Fabian Deicke, an online editor at Sä, the podcast covers a wide range of topics and features interviews with experts, politicians, scientists, and journalists. Each episode explores a different theme that is relevant to the people of Saxony, providing insights and analysis on various issues.

Episodes Highlighting Important Topics

The podcast episodes cover a diverse range of subjects that captivate the attention of the people in Saxony. Some notable episodes include:

  1. “Frauen, haltet zusammen! Und Männer, hört zu!” – In this episode, the podcast features Romina Stawowy, a Dresden-based activist fighting for gender equality and greater visibility of women in media, politics, and the economy.
  2. “Wie wollen wir mit Künstlicher Intelligenz leben?” – Entrepreneurs and scientists engage in a discussion about the opportunities, risks, and regulations surrounding the use of artificial intelligence.
  3. “Der große Streit um Radwege oder Straßen” – This episode features a debate between Holger Zastrow, the FDP faction leader in Dresden, and Stephan Kühn, the Green Councillor for Urban Development, on the topic of future transportation planning, focusing on the conflict between bike lanes and roads.

Thema in Sachsen Podcast
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The Host of the Podcast

Fabian Deicke, the podcast host, is an experienced online editor at Sä With a career spanning over nine years, Deicke has been involved in various projects and is dedicated to covering current topics. Besides hosting “Thema in Sachsen,” he has also moderated other podcasts such as “Dreierbob” (a winter sports podcast) and “Spurensicherung” (a true crime podcast). Previously, he hosted “CoronaCast aus Dresden,” a podcast that provided updates on the COVID-19 pandemic.

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