Farewell to Rolf Geiger and Lothar Doll from the Kinzigtal Leadership Group

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The Farewell of Rolf Geiger and Lothar Doll from the Kinzigtal Leadership Group

During the first official evening of the Kinzigtal Leadership Group this year, Rolf Geiger and Lothar Doll were bid farewell. Andreas Wöhrle from Haslach will now serve as the deputy leader of the Kinzigtal Leadership Group, supporting Christian Keller from the Wolfach Fire Department.

“In his farewell, Rolf Geiger, who reached the retirement age, invited the comrades of the Kinzigtal Leadership Group to a meal at the Haslach fire station following the evening duty. He reflected on the beginnings of the Leadership Group in 2005 and its first test during the severe storm of 2006 in Hofstetten and Haslach. Geiger emphasized the importance of maintaining a balanced relationship between service and comradeship throughout the almost twenty years. He also highlighted the excellent cooperation with Christian Keller as the leader of the Leadership Group. Geiger expressed his gratitude to the command of the Haslach Fire Department and all the comrades of the Leadership Group for their support. With a wink, Geiger added that he won’t be completely gone and will continue to participate in fraternal events.”

“For Christian Keller, the evening was ‘memorable.’ In his reflection, he also discussed the origins of the Kinzigtal Leadership Group, which was established to cover the upper Kinzigtal region as one of several Leadership Groups in the Ortenau district. Keller thanked his long-time deputy for their excellent collaboration.”

Similarly, Lothar Doll from Nordrach was one of the founding members of the Kinzigtal Leadership Group. He had been responsible for the comradeship fund for many years. He also assured that he would continue to participate in fraternal events.

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Introducing Andreas Wöhrle

Andreas Wöhrle has been a member of the Kinzigtal Leadership Group since 2008. He also serves as a team leader at the Haslach Fire Department and acts as the deputy training officer for the training of team members and unit leaders. After completing the team leader course, Wöhrle successfully completed the courses for platoon and battalion leaders at the state fire department school.

About the Kinzigtal Leadership Group

The Kinzigtal Leadership Group’s operational area covers the municipalities of the former Wolfach district. This command unit is deployed in case of major incidents to support the local incident commander. They undertake tasks in communication, documentation, and operational planning in coordination with the incident commander. Each fire department has the opportunity to assign members to the Kinzigtal Leadership Group.

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