Farmers Ready to Roll: Is the Big Drought in Görlitz District Finally Over?

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Landwirte in den Startlöchern: Ist die große Dürre im Kreis Görlitz jetzt vorbei?

After months of extreme drought, farmers in the Görlitz region are hopeful as they prepare to start their work on the fields again. Researchers from Leipzig have announced that the period of extreme drought is finally over. However, the question remains: is this also the case in the heavily affected Görlitz district?

Even in February, twice as much precipitation as usual was recorded at the weather station in Görlitz. This trend of increased rainfall was observed nationwide, bringing relief to farmers, although not without its challenges. The soggy ground in some areas makes it difficult for heavy machinery to access the fields. Nevertheless, Andreas Graf, Chairman of the Agricultural Cooperative See and the Upper Lusatian Farmers’ Association, shares some optimism. He recently spread fertilizer on the fields and reported that the conditions were surprisingly good. The land around Niesky is also sufficiently moist and overall manageable. “We can’t complain at the moment,” Graf states.

Farmers in the field
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With the expectation of a less challenging summer, Andreas Graf plans to continue cultivating lavender, hoping for an easier season compared to the previous summers. The recent increase in rainfall has brought renewed hope to farmers in the Görlitz region, as they eagerly anticipate the start of their agricultural activities.

While weather conditions have improved, there is still some caution among farmers in the area. It is imperative for them to monitor the weather closely and adapt their farming practices accordingly. Nevertheless, the recent rainfall has provided some respite and a glimmer of optimism.

As the farming community in the Görlitz district gears up for the season, the increased precipitation in February offers a promising start. Farmers remain cautiously optimistic, ready to tackle any challenges that may arise, and hopeful for a successful and fruitful year ahead.

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