Former Pro and Expert Toni Wachsmuth Reflects on Erzgebirge Aue and FSV Zwickau

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Toni Wachsmuth reflects on Erzgebirge Aue and FSV Zwickau

Former professional player and sports director, Toni Wachsmuth, provides his insights on the current situation of FC Erzgebirge Aue and his former club, FSV Zwickau. Despite a setback in the promotion race against Münster, Wachsmuth believes that Aue is still very much in contention.

Toni Wachsmuth with Stephanie Müller-Spirra
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The Situation at FC Erzgebirge

According to Wachsmuth, Aue is currently on track with 42 points, ten matchdays before the end of the season. With their consistent performance in the first half of the table, the team has showcased its potential, particularly in matches against Dresden. Wachsmuth praises Aue’s stability and teamwork, highlighting key players such as Martin Männel, Anthony Barylla, Mirnes Pepic, Marco Schikora, Boris Tashchy, and Marcel Bär.

He also comments on Aue’s ambitions for the rest of the season, stating that they can play freely as they are not under pressure. Wachsmuth suggests that if Aue establishes a winning streak, it is possible for them to remain undefeated for ten games in a row. Even if they don’t secure a top-three position, Wachsmuth believes Aue should continue to fight for fourth place and direct qualification for the DFB-Pokal, as the State Cup is not guaranteed.

FSV Zwickau’s Development

Wachsmuth acknowledges the remarkable support of the fans, with an impressive turnout of 8,600 spectators in their recent match against Cottbus. This support has played a crucial role in stabilizing the club. He also mentions the excellent communication between the club’s decision-makers and the fans, highlighting the significant backing FSV Zwickau receives.

Furthermore, Wachsmuth praises Marc-Philipp Zimmermann, whom he played alongside for two and a half years. Despite being 33 years old and working full-time as a police officer, Zimmermann is described as incredibly consistent and one of the best strikers in the Regionalliga.

“The support from the fans, coupled with the strong leadership at FSV Zwickau, has steered the club back on a smooth course.”

As a bilingual journalist covering local news in Germany, Toni Wachsmuth provides valuable insights into the current situations at FC Erzgebirge Aue and FSV Zwickau. His analysis and positive outlook on both clubs offer readers a deeper understanding of their performances and ambitions.

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