Free Entry to Museums: Seven Positive News Stories from Sachsen

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Positive News from Sachsen

In the state of Sachsen, there have been several positive news stories this week that are sure to lift spirits and bring hope to the community. From free museum entry to innovative cancer research, here are seven uplifting stories from Sachsen:

Leipzig Museum
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1. Free Museum Entry in Leipzig

Starting from January 1, 2024, visitors can enjoy free admission to the permanent exhibitions in Leipzig’s municipal museums. This initiative aims to attract more people, especially those who haven’t frequented museums before

2. Planting Trees for a Cooler Pirna

Helge Goldhahn has set an ambitious goal of planting 800 new trees in Pirna by its 800th birthday in 2033. This initiative will help combat the increasing heat and dryness caused by summers in the region. Goldhahn’s dedication to the cause has earned him recognition from the state of Sachsen.

3. Bad Schandau Becomes Sachsens First Kneipp Spa

Bad Schandau, situated on the banks of the Elbe River, has become the first officially recognized Kneipp spa in the state of Sachsen. This historical town has been a recognized spa destination since 2010 and now reaches a higher level of recognition as a Kneipp healing spa.

4. Dresden Researchers Fighting Cancer with New Technology

Researchers at Dresden are exploring the use of a new and groundbreaking technology in the battle against cancer. If successful, this experimental device will become a unique tool, revolutionizing the way cancer is treated worldwide.

5. Community’s Overwhelming Support for Fire-Stricken Family

When a young family’s home was tragically destroyed by fire in Strahwalde, the local community rallied together to help. The outpouring of donations and support has surpassed all expectations, providing much-needed assistance to the affected family.

6. Dresden Recommended as a Travel Destination by the New York Times

Dresden has received tourism recommendations from reputable sources, including the renowned New York Times. This acknowledgment further enhances Dresden’s appeal as a desirable travel destination, attracting visitors from around the world.

7. New Bike Paths Planned for Dresden

Dresden has made significant progress in expanding bike infrastructure, and plans are underway to create safer cycling routes along Bautzner Straße and Bautzner Landstraße. This improvement will enhance cyclist safety and promote sustainable transportation options within the city.


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