Golfing for a Good Cause

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Golfen für guten Zweck: Schwarzwald Charity Open 2024

Schwarzwald Charity Open 2024
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On January 10, 2024, the Lions Clubs Achern and Oberkirch-Schauenburg organized the “Schwarzwald Charity Open” golf tournament for the 15th time, under the motto of “Schläger schwingen für einen guten Zweck” (Swinging clubs for a good cause). The event took place at the Golfclub Urloffen in Rust, Achern, and Oberkirch. The tournament aimed to raise funds for local charitable purposes.

The proceeds from this year’s tournament were designated to benefit the Elternhaus des Fördervereins für krebskranke Kinder Freiburg, under the chairmanship of Werner Kimmig, as well as the association “Santa Isabel e.V. Hilfe für Kinder und Familien”, led by Marianne Mack and Barbara Dickmann. The Mittelbadische Presse and the Golfclub Urloffen joined as co-organizers for this philanthropic event.

“Das Ergebnis der Veranstaltung war überragend” (The outcome of the event was exceptional), summarized the organizing team consisting of Klaus Sturn, Ralph Dietrich, Stefanie Wagner-Dietrich, Raimond Wagner, and Frank Dickerhof. A staggering total of 50,000 euros was raised, exceeding all expectations. The two service clubs were able to present this generous amount to the two non-profit organizations at the Europa-Park.

A Successful Day of Golf for a Greater Cause

Under fine golfing weather, 87 golfers and 27 participants gathered for the tournament, including a golf taster course. After a day of successful play, the evening event became the highlight of the occasion. The 160 guests enjoyed a high-class menu and a diverse entertainment program, curated in collaboration with Europa-Park.

From a sporting standpoint and in terms of results, the golf tournament was a resounding success. The beneficent event has now become a fixed event on the Golfclub Urloffen’s calendar and is scheduled to take place again on June 29 this year.

Written by: Matthias Kerber from Offenburg

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