“Heinrich Männle: A Winemaker with Heart and Soul”

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Introducing Heinrich Männle – A Winemaker with Heart and Soul

Heinrich Männle, a well-respected winemaker, has gained considerable recognition for his exceptional craftsmanship and dedication. With accolades including the Durbach AWC Vienna award, Gold at the DLG Bundes- und Landesweinprämierungen, Feinschmecker and Gault-Millau recommendations, Männle’s winery is a testament to his talent. At 90 years old, he remains highly active as a cellar master, and his passion for winemaking shines through in every bottle.

Heinrich Männle
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A Passion Passed Down Through Generations

Männle’s love for winemaking stems from a strong family tradition. He shares, “It was clear in our family that the oldest son would follow in his father’s footsteps.” Despite his father’s illness, Männle took on responsibility at just 17 years old, ensuring the continuity of the family business. His commitment to personal growth as a winemaker led him to pursue both the journeyman’s and master’s examinations.

During his career, Männle valued the exchange of ideas with fellow winemakers. Joining a group of Ortenau winemakers, he found a welcoming community where they would taste young wines straight from the barrel and engage in meaningful discussions. Männle’s eagerness to experiment with new techniques and leave his own mark on the wines helped drive innovation during a transformative period in the wine industry.

Dedication to Success and Recognition

While Männle appreciates the importance of awards in marketing his wines, he values the affirmation that comes from impartial expert panels. In 2023, he received an exceptional honor when he was named “Weinpersönlichkeit des Jahres” (Wine Personality of the Year) by the Weinfeder e.V., an association of German-speaking wine journalists.

Heinrich Männle expresses his gratitude, saying, “It is flattering when unbiased juries recognize my work so positively.”

He sees these accolades as an opportunity to draw attention to his wines and guide consumers seeking something of exceptional quality. Männle believes that prizes function as a source of inspiration and assurance for those looking for truly valuable wines.

A Vibrant Life Beyond Winemaking

Männle’s life is not solely defined by his winemaking expertise. As a young boy, he learned to play the B-flat clarinet, later adding the saxophone to his repertoire. Alongside the Trachtenkapelle, a traditional costume band, he entertained crowds with dance music during carnival season and at weddings.

Männle’s vivacious personality extends beyond music and winemaking. He values community involvement and shared experiences. He organized a winemakers’ Stammtisch (a regular gathering), which became the catalyst for the creation of a local wine and heritage museum—a testament to his desire to contribute to the community he cherishes.

“It is important to actively participate in the community,” emphasizes Männle, a proud father of four and grandfather of eight.

With his daughter Silvia taking care of the sales aspect, having inherited her mother’s shares in the winery, and his grandson Max currently undergoing training, Männle hopes to continue his active involvement in winemaking, provided his health allows it. Even at 90 years old, he approaches each day with a contagious zest for life and a determination to create exceptional wines.

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