Hundreds of People in Meißen Take a Stand Against Right-wing Extremism

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Hundreds of People in Meißen Demonstrate Against Right-wing Extremism

In a powerful display of unity and determination, hundreds of people took to the streets of Meißen a day after many other cities to protest against right-wing extremism and stand up for democracy. The organizers’ expectations were surpassed as the turnout exceeded their initial estimations.

Demonstration in Meißen
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Despite the persistent rain, approximately 600 individuals braved the inclement weather on Monday evening, as reported by the police. Meißen demonstrated its unwavering commitment to combating right-wing ideologies and promoting a society rooted in inclusive values.

An Apologetic Address and Enthusiastic Support

“Tut uns leid, dass es hinten zu leise ist, aber wir haben nicht mit so viel Andrang gerechnet. Die Anlage gibt nicht mehr her,” Sören Skalicks from the “Buntes Meißen” alliance apologized to the demonstrators. He shouted into the crowd that had gathered on Meißen’s marketplace around 7 p.m. Earlier, a peace prayer had taken place in the Frauenkirche.

Sören Skalicks, a member of the “Buntes Meißen” alliance, humbly expressed his regrets to the demonstrators for the technical difficulties faced during the event. The unexpected high turnout resulted in the speaker system being unable to accommodate the large crowd. Nonetheless, this minor setback did not dampen the spirit of the passionate assembly standing up against right-wing extremism.

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