“I’m Thriving After Stepping Down as Mayor”

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The Former Mayor of Görlitz Finds Happiness Beyond Politics

Former Mayor Michael Wieler with a horse
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Former Görlitz Mayor, Michael Wieler, has found contentment in his life after retiring from politics. With a focus on caring for horses and a small group of people, Wieler remains politically active despite no longer serving as mayor. On Tuesday, he celebrated his 60th birthday.

In a picturesque setting, Wieler is seen engrossed in his passion, captured a day before his birthday, standing alongside a horse on his farm in Kunnersdorf near Görlitz.

A New Chapter: From Mayor to Horse Enthusiast

At a time when a significant farmers’ protest occurred, Wieler stood on his Kunnersdorf farm, dutifully tending to his horses. Reflecting on the diverse motivations of farmers, the former mayor shared, “The farmers have various reasons driving their actions. I made an effort to inform myself.” While farmers today might experience greater profitability than in the past, they also bear heavier burdens and challenges.

The image of Wieler among his horses conveys a tranquil and contented soul, embracing a new path. His devotion to these majestic creatures reflects the unwavering dedication he once served his community with as mayor.

“Die Bauern sind sehr heterogen in ihrer Motivation. Ich habe versucht, mich darüber zu informieren.”

Wieler’s willingness to stay informed and engaged demonstrates his commitment to the issues he cares about. Though he may have stepped away from the mayor’s office, his passion for making a positive impact on society remains at the forefront of his pursuits.

As Wieler turns 60, he exemplifies a spirit that keeps evolving and finding new sources of joy. While his role may have transitioned from leading a city to tending to horses, his dedication to making a difference endures.

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