“Joachim Droll Comes to the Rescue: A Tale of Musical Dedication”

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Achern Music Association Overcomes Setback and Prepares for a Spectacular Concert

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Achern, Germany – In an inspiring story of resilience and dedication, the music association in Fautenbach faced a substantial challenge when the beloved conductor Jürgen Mehrbrei departed in mid-January. However, undeterred by this setback, the musicians have rallied together to ensure that their annual concert, “Blasmusik in Fautenbach,” will still take place on Saturday, 23rd March at 8:00 pm. The key to this success? The return of their esteemed “favorite conductor,” Joachim Droll.

Fulfilling a Musical Legacy

After 20 years of leading the orchestra, Joachim Droll had bid farewell to the responsibility in 2015 with a memorable “Best of” concert. When faced with the decision to step in once again, Droll expressed his initial concerns, stating, “I had a sleepless night, but I didn’t want to let you or the association down.” However, much to the delight and applause of the musicians, he ultimately agreed to take up the baton once more, ensuring that the show will go on.

A Race Against Time

With only ten weeks to prepare, the music association faced the challenge of putting together a top-quality performance. Acknowledging the limited timeframe, the association announced that while a completely new program would not be possible, they have prepared an impressive lineup of 13 musical pieces, including three newly rehearsed compositions. Moreover, Joachim Droll has curated five solo performances, showcasing the talents of 17 individual instrumentalists.

“I had a sleepless night, but I didn’t want to let you or the association down.” – Joachim Droll

An Evening of Musical Excellence

The highly anticipated concert will take place at the Festhalle, with doors opening at 7:00 pm. The association is confident in the repertoire they have prepared, promising a night of enchanting music and delightful performances. The concert hall is sure to come alive with the talent and passion displayed by the musicians of Fautenbach.

Don’t miss the chance to witness this remarkable display of determination and musical prowess. Join the Fautenbach music association on Saturday, 23rd March for an unforgettable evening of “Blasmusik.”

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