Makeover for a Saxon River: Getting in Shape for the Future

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Plan to Make the Pleiße River in the Zwickau District Fit for the Future

The Landestalsperrenverwaltung Sachsen (State Reservoir Administration Saxony) is developing a concept for the watercourse development of the Pleiße River in the Zwickau district to make it fit for the future. The main goal is to align flood protection measures with the environmental objectives outlined in the European Union’s Water Framework Directive (WFD).

Pleiße River in the Zwickau District
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The Pleiße River and its Importance

The Pleiße River stretches for about 90 kilometers through West Saxony, including the towns of Werdau, Crimmitschau, and parts of Thuringia, until it reaches the Leipziger Gewässerknoten (Leipzig waterway junction). This watercourse development concept aims to enhance the river’s resilience to future challenges while maintaining its ecological balance.

Improving Watercourse Structure and Connectivity

As part of the development plan, measures will be implemented to enhance the structure and connectivity of the Pleiße River. This will ensure that the river can fulfill its ecological functions and support sustainable water management practices. Besides, it will lay the foundation for long-term maintenance and preservation of the waterway.

“Schon jetzt ist abzusehen, dass für eine naturnahe Entwicklung des Flusses Flächen direkt am Gewässer benötigt werden. Für die betroffenen Flächen könnte eine Umnutzung erforderlich werden,” said a spokesperson for the Landestalsperrenverwaltung.

Involving Landowners Along the River

The Landestalsperrenverwaltung is actively seeking landowners along the Pleiße River who are interested in participating in the project and contributing their properties. These landowners can freely contact the administration at the phone number 037752/502212 to discuss potential land use changes or property sales. By involving landowners, the project aims to establish strong collaborative efforts for the river’s sustainable development.

About the Pleiße River

The Pleiße River, originally over 110 kilometers long, was modified due to lignite mining south of Leipzig in the 20th century, resulting in a shorter length. However, efforts now focus on revitalizing and safeguarding its natural characteristics for the benefit of the region’s ecological and social well-being.

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