More Debt in Cities than in Rural Areas: Every Twelfth Resident of Saxony is Struggling Financially

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Jeder zwölfte Sachse ist überschuldet: A Closer Look at the Debt Situation in Saxony

In a recent report from the German credit agency “Creditreform,” it has been revealed that every twelfth resident of Saxony is currently struggling with debt. The annual “Schuldneratlas” (Debtor Atlas) for 2023 provides insights into the financial situation of individuals in the region. With a total of 280,000 individuals facing financial difficulties, the debt ratio in Saxony stands at 8.2%, slightly higher than the national average of 8.15%. However, there is a silver lining as the debt ratio in Saxony has decreased by 0.29% compared to the previous year, resulting in the state moving from sixth to eighth place in the national ranking.

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The Factors Behind Debt in Saxony

The causes of debt in Saxony vary, ranging from sudden life changes such as divorce, illness, and unemployment to low wages, addiction, accidents, and persistent inflation. The definition of being “overschuldet” (indebted) applies to individuals whose monthly expenses exceed their income. These individuals are unable to meet their payment obligations within a reasonable period, including through installment payments, and lack assets or credit options to cover their cost of living.

Regional Disparities: Highest and Lowest Debt Rates in Saxony

The debt situation differs across various regions of Saxony. The city of Dresden holds the unenviable position of having the highest number of debtors, with 35,900 individuals struggling financially. In Dresden alone, every thirteenth adult resident is considered to be overschuldet. Notably, Leipzig and Chemnitz are also significantly affected by debt, with one in ten residents in Leipzig and one in nine residents in Chemnitz facing financial challenges.

On the other hand, the Erzgebirgskreis, along with Annaberg-Buchholz (F.), boasts the lowest debt rate in Saxony, standing at 6.5%. Following closely behind are Bautzen with 6.7% and the Sächsische Schweiz – Osterzgebirge district with 7.0%.

Positive Developments and Future Challenges

Despite the challenges posed by inflation and the rising cost of living, there have been some positive trends in terms of debt reduction in certain areas. Leipzig, in particular, has witnessed a significant decrease in its debt ratio, dropping by 2.8% in the past ten years. In contrast, Chemnitz has experienced an increase of 0.4% during the same period.

Prokurist Thomas Schulz from Creditreform Dresden warns that the recent increase in consumer demand and decreased savings could potentially lead to a further rise in debt levels. It is clear that tackling debt and providing support to those in need will remain an important task for individuals and authorities in Saxony.

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