Morning Update in Saxony: Work Instead of School + Bonus for Solar Industry + Wave of Strikes

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Sachsen: Young Asylum Seekers to Skip School and Start Apprenticeships

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In Sachsen, young refugees without prior education will no longer attend regular schools but directly start practical apprenticeships. The Ministry of Education has initiated a pilot project aimed at allowing underage asylum seekers to begin practical training. The goal is to linguistically and professionally prepare these refugee youth, aged 15 and above, within three years through intensive practical learning. The Ministry states that integration into the education system is challenging for many unaccompanied underage asylum seekers who have had limited or no formal education in their home country. Around 500 young people in Sachsen are estimated to be affected by this initiative.

Politicians Call for Protection of the Solar Industry in Sachsen

Pressure is mounting from various political directions on the German federal government to provide better support for solar companies like Meyer Burger in Sachsen. Minister President of Sachsen, Michael Kretschmer, highlighted Germany’s lack of competitiveness as the reason for the potential relocation of the solar module manufacturer from Freiberg in a video posted on the TikTok platform. The CDU politician called for a resilience bonus for the solar industry. The Left Party also advocates for assistance to local solar companies, with party leader Janine Wissler urging both the German federal government and the European Union to take action. In an open letter, several Left Party politicians from eastern Germany demanded immediate measures to be taken by the federal government.

Assessing the Proportionality of the Current Wave of Strikes

The question arises as to whether the ongoing wave of strikes is proportional. The train drivers’ union GDL is once again on strike, with the strike action lasting until Friday at 1:00 pm. However, it’s not only the Deutsche Bahn that is affected; today, the ground staff of Lufthansa also begins their industrial action. The airline anticipates “comprehensive effects on the flight program.” Alongside the strike by Lufthansa ground staff, the union has called for the airport security forces in Frankfurt and Hamburg to join in the work stoppage today. There has been an increasing frequency of strikes across various industries, with the question being raised about their proportionality. Protest researcher Piotr Kocyba from the University of Leipzig views the right to strike as something fundamentally important.

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