Playful Pup in Search of a New Home: Owner Forced to Surrender

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MDR-Sendung “Tierisch tierisch” highlights animals seeking new homes in Stollberg Tierheim

The famous MDR show “Tierisch tierisch” recently made a visit to the Stollberg animal shelter, shedding light on the heartwarming stories of animals in need of new homes. Located in the picturesque Erzgebirge region of Germany, the shelter is home to a variety of animals eagerly awaiting their second chance at happiness.

Schäferhundmischling Bodo: The playful senior in search of a loving family

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One of the shelter’s residents is Bodo, a 7-year-old Schäferhundmischling. Unfortunately, his previous owner had to part with him due to health reasons. Despite his age, Bodo is a spirited and playful dog who enjoys long walks by his owner’s side. He is well-trained and responsive to basic commands.

“For Bodo, we are looking for owners who can provide him with a life in a loving family. Older children in the household would be welcome as well. Bodo may also get along with other dogs, although ultimately, compatibility will depend on mutual sympathy,”

If you are interested in adopting Bodo or want to learn more about him, you can contact the Stollberg animal shelter at 037296/932678.

Kater Benny: A loving companion looking for a forever home

In addition to Bodo, another furry friend seeking a new home is Benny, a 3-year-old male cat. Benny was found in a pitiful state, with his harness painfully embedded in his skin. Despite his difficult past, Benny is an affectionate and sociable cat who enjoys spending time with people.

“Benny is searching for owners who are seeking a curious and playful companion. He requires a home where he can stay mentally stimulated, and regular outdoor access in a traffic-controlled area would be ideal,”

If you’re interested in giving Benny the loving home he deserves, reach out to the Stollberg animal shelter for more information.

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