“Power Cables Go Underground: A Groundbreaking Step Towards a Reliable Energy Future”

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About the News: Stromkabel kommt unter die Erde

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The Überlandwerk Mittelbaden, a power company in Germany, is taking a significant step towards enhancing the reliability and capacity of its electricity supply. The company has initiated a project to replace existing overhead power cables with underground cables for the medium-voltage network. This ambitious endeavor will entail the installation of approximately 2.5 kilometers of underground cables between the Langhurst district in Schutterwald and the Hohnhurst district in Kehl.

Impacts on the Local Community and Nature

Given the scope of the project, temporary disruptions and closures can be expected in the surrounding areas. From now until the estimated completion date of February 9, field paths, tracks, forest trails, and agricultural roads within the Schutterwald municipality, as well as access routes, will be temporarily closed. It is essential to note that the planned route for the underground cables intersects various habitats, necessitating compliance with strict conservation regulations. Moreover, the project involves the crossing of the L98 state road.

An Experienced Construction Partner

The Überlandwerk Mittelbaden has entrusted the construction phase to the expertise of Josef Schnell GmbH, a renowned construction company based in Offenburg. Using an advanced underground cable plow, the team from Josef Schnell GmbH will efficiently and precisely install the cables in the designated location. As part of the preparatory work, controlled horizontal drilling was already carried out in December to facilitate the necessary intersections and crossings along the route.

Advantages and Benefits

“With this project, we are significantly enhancing the reliability and stability of our electricity supply for our customers. By relocating the cables underground, we can mitigate damages caused by adverse weather conditions, vastly minimize costly emergency repairs, and reduce operational efforts. Additionally, we are installing higher-capacity cables to proactively meet the growing demand for network capacity,”

– Matthias Böhmann, Technical Managing Director of the Überlandwerk Mittelbaden.

The initiative undertaken by the Überlandwerk Mittelbaden not only ensures improved service and increased energy reliability for the local community but also demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to meet future energy requirements. The project’s positive impacts extend to environmental conservation as well, with the careful consideration of nature reserves and adherence to strict conservation protocols during the cable installation process.

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