Spring Blossoms and Herbs: Mastering the Art of Perfect Planting

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Get Expert Tips for Planting Spring Flowers and Herbs

Spring is the time of year when everyone longs for bright colors and eagerly awaits the awakening of nature from its winter slumber. If you’re a gardening enthusiast, you’re probably itching to bring a touch of spring to your garden, balcony, or terrace. Not only do spring flowers transform your outdoor space into a colorful bloom, but they also provide the first source of food for insects, making them an eco-friendly choice. To ensure your spring flowers and herbs thrive, look no further than the gardening experts at Gartenbau Rülcker in Dresden Strehlen and Kühne Grün Erleben in Dresden Weixdorf.

Tips for Planting Spring Flowers

Horned Violets

Horned violets are resilient bloomers that flower from March until autumn. With a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from, they prefer partial shade rather than direct sunlight. For more information and a helpful video, click here.


Pansies are classic early bloomers that are well adapted to our climate and can be planted early in the year, even withstanding light frost. They are also versatile when it comes to soil and location preferences, but they thrive best in areas with partial shade and well-drained soil. Learn more here.


Primroses are low-maintenance and hardy early bloomers. You can plant them from mid-March, and they can withstand the cold winter weather. Primroses thrive in moist, well-drained soil and prefer partial shade. Find more information here.


While the perfect time to plant irises is in late summer or autumn, you can still plant them in spring. Irises love sunny and warm locations and do well in well-drained soil. Don’t forget to loosen the soil before planting and consider adding some sand to the planting hole. Learn more here.

If you want additional tips for other early bloomers like tulips, crocuses, mini-daffodils, or checkered lilies, feel free to consult the gardening experts at Gartenbau Rülcker and Kühne Grün Erleben. They will gladly advise you on how to best design your garden or balcony.

Tips for Planting Herbs

Spring is not just about sprucing up your living space, but also about taking care of your health. What better way to do that than by growing your own fresh herbs? Here are some helpful tips for planting herbs:


Now is the perfect time to plant rosemary, as you can harvest it in just a few months. Rosemary not only adds a delicious flavor to fish or potato dishes but also promotes blood circulation and helps with bloating and indigestion. Rosemary thrives in sunny, sheltered locations with well-drained, dry soil. Discover more about rosemary here.

Curry Plant

Curry plant has a delightful aroma and is essential for perfecting your Asian dishes. It can be planted in pots or garden beds from spring to autumn, as long as it’s placed in a sunny and warm spot. The seeds should be lightly covered with soil and kept moist. When fully grown, it produces beautiful yellow flowers from July to September. Both rosemary and curry plant are loved by insects for their blossoms.


Thyme is a wonderful remedy for coughs and bronchitis. It’s also low-maintenance and suitable for growing on balconies. Thyme thrives in sunny, warm locations and prefers sandy, well-drained, nutrient-poor soil. It can withstand dry conditions and usually survives cold winters up to -20 degrees Celsius. However, if growing in a pot, it’s recommended to wrap the container with fleece or plastic to protect the roots.


Basil is one of the most popular herbs and a must-have for Italian cuisine. Basil is a light germinator, meaning you only need to place the seeds on the soil without covering them. Keep the soil moist but not too wet, and within a week, you’ll see successful germination. From mid-May, you can plant basil in a sunny, sheltered area with loose, well-drained soil. Basil plants require sufficient nutrients, particularly nitrogen. Fun fact: Basil is a beneficial companion plant for tomatoes and cucumbers, helping to repel whiteflies and prevent powdery mildew. Find out more about basil here.

For more tips on the best location for various herbs, click here. If you have limited space, you can also plant your herbs in a kitchen herb box or on your balcony. Watch this video to see what the perfect herb pot looks like. And if you want to create an eye-catching herb spiral in your garden, don’t hesitate to ask the gardening experts at Gartenbau Rülcker and Kühne Grün Erleben.

Spring flowers
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Remember, spring is the perfect time to bring vibrant colors and fresh scents into your life. Whether you’re decorating your garden or spicing up your meals with homegrown herbs, let the gardening professionals guide you towards a beautiful and bountiful season.

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