Study on Daycare Fees: How Much Do Parents Pay in Saxony’s Major Cities

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Study on Daycare Fees: How much are parents paying in Saxony’s major cities

A recent study conducted by the Institute of German Economy (IW) Cologne sheds light on the daycare fees in Saxony’s major cities. The study reveals relatively small differences in fees among these cities, namely Leipzig, Dresden, and Chemnitz.

The study categorizes Saxony as one of the states without complete fee exemption, alongside Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, Saxony-Anhalt, and Schleswig-Holstein. In Leipzig, reduced fees are charged for the second child attending a facility, while the third child and any additional children attend for free. The fees in Saxony are set by the cities and municipalities in coordination with independent providers and apply equally to all local facilities.

Fees in Saxony’s Major Cities

Dresden has the highest fees among the major cities in Saxony. Full-time care in a nursery costs parents 207 euros, while in kindergarten it is 150.48 euros. In Leipzig, parents pay 187.68 euros for nursery care and 115.66 euros for kindergarten. On the other hand, Chemnitz has the lowest fees, with parents paying 175.74 euros for nursery care and 120.96 euros for kindergarten.

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Wide Range of Fees Nationwide

The study examines the respective legal regulations and fee schedules in 82 German cities with a population of over 100,000. It takes into account the basic fees in the first half of 2024, as well as potential costs for meals and additional services. The fees for daycare in Germany vary significantly depending on the location, ranging from being free to several hundred euros per month. In some cases, exceptionally high-income parents may pay more than 1000 euros.

It is a legal requirement in Germany to provide a daycare placement for children between the ages of three and school entry. Children between the ages of one and three also have a right to care, either in a facility or through childminding. However, the study highlights that the existing offerings for children under the age of three are far from sufficient to meet the parents’ demands for childcare.

Overall, the study provides valuable insight into daycare fees in Saxony’s major cities and the wide range of fees across Germany. It underscores the need for continued efforts to ensure accessible and affordable childcare for all families in the country.

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