9th Dresden Art Fair: Unveiling the Artists Behind the Masterpieces

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Künstlermesse Dresden
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The annual KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN event is set to take place once again at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum from March 22nd to 24th. This three-day event offers art enthusiasts the opportunity to admire and purchase artwork, engage in discussions about art, and meet the artists themselves. Whether you are a dedicated collector, a casual observer, or someone simply intrigued by the world of art, this event promises to be a vibrant and enriching experience.

“Meet the artist” is the heartfelt invitation extended to all visitors, including those who may feel intimidated by the gallery or art opening scene. Unlike larger art fairs like Art Basel or Art Cologne, the KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN provides direct access to the artists, without intermediaries, right in the heart of Dresden’s capital.

Discover the Vibrant Art Scene of Dresden

Dresden and its surrounding region are renowned for their vibrant and diverse art scene. The KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN serves as a platform for 100 artists, including individual artists, artist groups, and producer galleries, to showcase their work at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum.

From paintings to graphics, drawings, sculptures, objects, and photography, the exhibition encompasses a wide range of artistic expressions. It is an opportunity to explore the creations of both established artists and emerging talents, as well as artists from Dresden’s partner cities and students from the Hochschule für Bildende Künste (Academy of Fine Arts).

Connecting Art Enthusiasts with Artists

The KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN stands out from larger art fairs by fostering direct connections between art enthusiasts, collectors, and gallery owners, and the artists themselves. Visitors have the chance to engage in personal conversations with the artists, gaining insights into their creative processes and inspirations.

The event has gained recognition as the largest sales and networking platform for visual arts in Saxony, occurring biennially. It provides a mirror to Dresden’s vibrant art scene, showcasing contemporary art in various mediums and featuring both established and emerging artists.

Participating Artists at KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN

The KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN features a carefully curated selection of talented artists, chosen by a jury. Some of the participating artists in the 2024 edition include Susanne Bartel, Benno Blome, Sylvia Pásztor, Thomas Hellinger, and Theresa Wenzel, among many others. Not only does the event provide a platform for these artists to showcase their work, but it also offers an opportunity for visitors to discover and support their craft.

Details and Further Information

The KÜNSTLERMESSE DRESDEN will take place at the Deutsches Hygiene Museum, located at Lingnerplatz 1, 01069 Dresden. The event will run from 22nd to 24th March 2024, with specific opening hours on each day. Admission prices are set at €10, with discounted prices available at €6. Additional information about the event, including the special exhibition, children’s programs, and other activities, can be found on the official website: kuenstlermesse-dresden.de.

This event, organized by the Künstlerbund Dresden e.V., in collaboration with the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Dresden, promises to be a celebration of contemporary art, bringing together artists, art enthusiasts, and supporters of the arts in an environment that encourages personal connections and appreciation for artistic expression.

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