“A Long and Fruitful Collaboration: Celebrating the Enduring Partnership”

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Artist Otmar Alt Honored with Special Installation in Gengenbach

In a recent press release by the Gengenbach Kultur- und Tourismus GmbH, it was announced that the city has deepened its longstanding collaboration with renowned artist Otmar Alt. The highlight of this partnership is the newly established Otmar-Alt-Wand (Otmar Alt Wall) in the redesigned entrance area of the Löwenberg House, serving as a lasting testament to their fruitful connection.

Otmar Alt Wall
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A Celebration of Otmar Alt’s Extensive Involvement

The ceremony held in honor of the installation was attended by the artist himself, as well as Barbara and Reinhard End, who emphasized the magnitude and value of Alt’s commitment to Gengenbach. They acknowledged the artist’s extensive involvement over the years, highlighting the fruitful collaboration based on exciting artistic projects and a foundation of trust. Alt’s dedication to mutual giving and receiving has been realized in an ideal manner within the city.

A Legacy of Artistic Triumphs

The partnership between Otmar Alt and Gengenbach began 42 years ago with Alt’s participation in the memorial installation for the 400th anniversary of a local historical figure. It continued through numerous exhibitions and reached a significant milestone in 1996 with the groundbreaking achievement of the first Gengenbach Advent Calendar. The success of Gengenbach’s flagship project would not have been possible without Alt’s unwavering and competent dedication to this pioneering endeavor, as agreed upon by Martin Seidel, chairman of the Advent Calendar, and calendar pioneer Bernd Schillinger.

Recognizing Alt’s Support and Contribution

Bürgermeister Thorsten Erny highlighted the valuable support that Gengenbach regularly receives from Otmar Alt, particularly in the realm of children and youth work. The presentation of the Otmar-Alt-Wand in the Löwenberg House is not only a gesture of appreciation but also a symbol of gratitude. It follows Alt’s previous inclusion in the golden book of the city several years ago. However, the greatest value may lie in the emotional and lasting connection between Gengenbach’s children and the artist’s figures, such as the raftsman, the knight, the lion, and the “Gengfisch.”

An Emotional Return

For the 84-year-old artist, the visit to his friends and creative spaces in Gengenbach was not just a journey but a heartfelt desire. Alt reiterated the guiding principles of his 60-year-long artistic career, emphasizing the importance of leaving a mark and making a positive impact on the community. He expressed his satisfaction with the successful collaboration in Gengenbach, stating, “Together with you, we have achieved great things.”

“Kunst heißt Zeichen setzen und Kunst heißt, sich für das Gemeinwesen einzusetzen.”

According to Christina Großheim, a journalist from Offenburg, it is evident that Otmar Alt’s influence in Gengenbach extends far beyond artistic endeavors. His unwavering support for the community and commitment to fostering a sense of pride and connection among the city’s residents, especially its young ones, solidifies his position as a beloved figure in Gengenbach.

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