Career as a Customer Consultant with Prospects in Industry & Crafts – Become Part of a Successful Team!

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Karriere als Kundenberater mit Perspektive in Industrie & Handwerk – Werden Sie Teil eines Erfolgsteams!

Eager to be part of a successful team in the industry and trade? Exciting opportunities await as HOLDER in Dresden is hiring for the position of Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) im Telefon- und Innendienstverkauf (25-40 h) am Standort Dresden. With an indefinite employment contract, fixed working hours, and comprehensive training programs, this position offers a stable and diverse career path.

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HOLDER, located in Dresden, is a medium-sized wholesale company specializing in tools, fastening technology, machinery, personal protective equipment, and factory equipment. With a range of services including 24-hour delivery from the central warehouse, C-parts management at the customer’s site, and the development of customized solutions, HOLDER simplifies procurement and logistics processes for its customers.

Job Description

HOLDER is currently seeking a Mitarbeiter (m/w/d) for the Telefon- und Innendienstverkauf (25-40 h) position at its Dresden location. The role involves long-term customer support, development of existing client relationships, and the acquisition of new clients. Prior experience in the field is not required, and individuals looking for a career change are also encouraged to apply.


  1. Providing technical customer support across the entire sales program
  2. Being the point of contact for assigned customers
  3. Preparing and independently tracking offers
  4. Price calculation, order acceptance, and monitoring of delivery dates
  5. Handling complaints and resolving issues


To succeed in this role, candidates should have:

  • A completed technical or commercial education
  • Initiative, enthusiasm for customer care, and a passion for sales
  • Readiness to learn and a technical understanding


HOLDER offers:

  • A long-term and varied job
  • Comprehensive support and assistance in the onboarding process
  • Continuous training opportunities
  • A friendly team that makes work enjoyable
  • Regular working hours (Monday to Friday)
  • An indefinite employment contract
  • A staff bonus card
  • Optional company car for personal use

How to Apply

If you’re interested and qualified, send your resume as a PDF (maximum size 5 MB) to [email protected] or by mail to August Holder GmbH, Bewerbung, Senftenberger Str.55, 01239 Dresden. For any initial inquiries, you can reach Herr Peter Zimmermann at 0351/28598–11.

Contact Information

August HOLDER GmbH
Senftenberger Straße 55
01239 Dresden
Telefon: 0351 – 285 98 – 0
Email: [email protected]

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