Couple End Honored for Lifetime Achievement

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Barbara and Reinhard End Honored for Lifetime Achievement

The city of Gengenbach held its New Year’s reception on Friday, January 12th, where Mayor Thorsten Erny surprised Barbara and Reinhard End with an honorary recognition for their lifetime achievements. The couple has been actively engaged in various community activities for nearly 60 years, going above and beyond the call of duty in their commitment to culture, education, and social causes in Gengenbach and the surrounding region. Mayor Erny expressed his admiration for the couple’s exceptional dedication, stating, “The lifetime achievements of a couple who have contributed extensively to the community while balancing work and family deserve special recognition.”

Barbara and Reinhard End receiving their honorary recognition
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Contributions to Culture, Education, and Society

“The unflagging efforts of Barbara and Reinhard End have led to the establishment of the cultural and educational network known as Haus Löwenberg. Their tireless work in various areas, such as organizing exhibitions, publications on local history, and training city guides, has left an indelible mark on the community.”

Barbara End’s involvement in youth work and Reinhard End’s passion for the city’s history led them to contribute to the Gengenbacher Blätter publication, with Reinhard serving as the editor for 17 years. Their dedication extended beyond the Museum Haus Löwenberg, with valuable contributions to educational projects, conceptualizing museums like the Flößerei- und Verkehrsmuseum and Narrenmuseum, and participating in the Kultursommer. Their impact on Gengenbach’s cultural landscape and dedication to preserving local heritage cannot be overstated.

Education and Language Development

Barbara End’s early commitment to language development and support for kindergartens laid the foundation for sustainable projects that allow children to explore the city and the museum as educational settings. Their work has nurtured a new generation of young residents who possess a deep understanding of Gengenbach’s history. Reinhard End’s talent for engaging both children and adults during exhibitions has been instrumental in promoting art and cultural appreciation. Together, the couple has organized over 160 exhibitions at the Museum Haus Löwenberg, leaving a lasting impact on the community.

The Gengenbacher Advent Calendar

For the past 27 years, Barbara and Reinhard End have devoted themselves to the Gengenbacher Advent Calendar. Mayor Thorsten Erny described the creation and success of the calendar, from the ceremonial opening of windows to artist selections. Through their extensive networking efforts and enthusiasm, the couple has brought artists on board and motivated many others to contribute to the community. Their tireless dedication has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Staufer Medal and the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany.

A Heartwarming Tribute and a Promise to Continue

The ceremony honoring the End couple commenced with a presentation accompanied by the “Gengenbacher Lied” sung by four-year-old Marie Seiler. Images from the past decades showcased the diverse range of activities and accomplishments of Barbara and Reinhard End. The couple’s grandchildren, Frida and Valentin, had the honor of presenting gifts to their grandparents. The guests expressed their gratitude with extended standing ovations, leaving Reinhard End profoundly moved and speechless. In response, he simply said, “It’s such an emotional moment; I can only say thank you.” Barbara End, in turn, addressed the audience, saying, “We will continue, together with all of you!”

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