“Discover Your Career Path at ‘Meet your job!’ – Your Direct Way into the Professional World Begins in Großenhain”

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Meet your job! – Dein direkter Weg in die Berufswelt startet in Großenhain

Meet your job!
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On January 27th, Großenhain will become a meeting point for exciting career opportunities and inspiring conversations. Regardless of whether it’s craftsmanship, industry, administration, social work, medicine, or services – your future begins here!

The “Meet your job!” fair opens doors to inspiring professional fields in the region and offers you the chance to directly connect with companies and experts. Don’t miss out!

With the graduation certificate in hand, many embark on the exciting journey into the working world in August and September. But which direction should be taken? Craftsmanship, industry, administration, social work, medicine, or the service sector – the diversity of activities and occupations is as colorful as life itself.

The choice of profession is one of the most significant decisions in the lives of young people. Get answers to your questions about your career opportunities as a future apprentice and job beginner at the “Meet your job!” fair for education and work in Großenhain:

– What can I expect in my desired profession?

– How do I find the perfect training company?

– Which professions suit my interests and abilities?

Details of the Event

Meet your job! – The fair for education and work in Großenhain:

Date: Saturday, January 27th, 2024

Time: 9.30 am – 1.00 pm

Location: Kulturzentrum Großenhain, Schlossplatz 1, and BSZ Großenhain, Industriestraße 1

More Information: www.myj-grossenhain.de

Be there and shape your future: At “Meet your job!” you will get answers to your questions about your career opportunities!

Whether you are still in school, already in the workforce, or looking for new challenges – “Meet your job!” is not only open to teenagers but to anyone seeking career information or wanting to develop further. Take the opportunity to learn more about apprenticeships and offerings that align with your interests and abilities!

What to Expect at “Meet your job!”

  • Explore diverse professional worlds: Presented by experienced professionals and companies, the fair provides insights into various fields, from craftsmanship to services.
  • Make use of direct advisory services: Get advice on “Education and Studies,” experience career possibilities hands-on, and gain insights into the vocational school center “Karl Preusker.”
  • Hear live experiences from apprentices: Apprentices currently undergoing their training will be ready to share their experiences. Discover what makes their profession interesting and what challenges await you.
  • Establish direct contact with companies: Engage in dialogues with representatives of firms and businesses. Get to know employers, find out what they offer, and what expectations they have for future apprentices.

Free admission!

Travel made easy: Free bus shuttles between the exhibition venues. More details can be found here. Free parking is available at Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Allee (about a 3-minute walk to the cultural center) and Beethovenallee (about a 5 to 10-minute walk to the cultural center). Parking is also available in close proximity to BSZ “Karl Preusker”.

There’s no easier or faster way to engage with companies from the region than at “Meet your job!”

It’s time to find your path to a professional future! Your journey of discovery begins on January 27th in Großenhain!


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