Formula 1 for Students: Zwickau Brings Home World Championship Title to Saxony

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Student Team from Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau Wins World Championship Title in Formula Student Racing Series with Support from Volkswagen

Formula Student Racing
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A group of talented students from the Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau (WZS) in Germany has achieved a remarkable feat by emerging as winners in the prestigious Formula Student Racing series. With support from Volkswagen, the “WHZ Racing Team” secured the world championship title, marking a significant milestone for the university and the team.

Formula Student: A Global Design Competition for Student-built Race Cars

Formula Student is an international design competition that challenges student teams from all around the world to create and race their own Formula-style cars. The competition consists of various disciplines, testing the teams’ engineering prowess and performance on the track.

WHZ Racing Team’s Journey to Victory

The WHZ Racing Team, formed by a small group of students at WZS in 2006, initiated their pursuit of excellence in the Formula Student Racing series. Just one year later, they introduced their first race car from Zwickau. Over the years, the team has honed their skills and expertise, resulting in an outstanding performance during the 2023 season.

The team’s success was achieved through a strong partnership with Volkswagen Sachsen GmbH, who served as the primary sponsor. Their collaboration and support contributed significantly to the team’s victory in the three races held in Czech Republic, Italy, and Austria, ultimately securing the top position in the global ranking for the 2023 season.

Recognition and Future Aspirations

“The number of hours the students have dedicated to this project is immeasurable. I am incredibly delighted and proud that their hard work has been crowned with this prestigious title. It is truly an honor for me to accompany such talented students on their journey,” says Prof. Jan Schubert, the dean of the Faculty of Automotive Engineering and the team’s faculty advisor.

The WHZ Racing Team’s remarkable achievement has gained recognition and praise, with the team set to be welcomed and honored by Zwickau’s mayor, Constance Arndt, at the city hall. Their triumph also grants them a place in Zwickau’s Book of Honor. This success not only showcases the exceptional capabilities of the students but also highlights the fruitful collaboration between the university and its dedicated students.

Looking ahead, preparations for the new season are already in progress, with the team planning to unveil their new race car in early May. Through the continued partnership with Volkswagen and the unwavering support from the university, the WHZ Racing Team aims to build upon their success and further establish themselves as powerhouses in the Formula Student Racing series.

The triumph of the WHZ Racing Team serves as an inspiration to aspiring engineers and motorsports enthusiasts, demonstrating what can be achieved through passion, dedication, and collaboration.

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