“German Wine Queen Becomes Ambassador for Baden: Promoting the Best of the Region!”

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Katrin Lang, the new ambassador for Baden wine

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Ortenau (St) – Katrin Lang, the newly crowned Deutsche Weinkönigin (German Wine Queen) for 2022/23, has taken on the role of spokesperson for origin communication at the Badischer Weinbauverband (Baden Wine Growers’ Association) in Freiburg at the start of the year. Lang, a qualified oenologist, will now be the go-to person for all inquiries regarding Baden wine and will assist in online communication for the region and the promotion of its origins within the protection community.

Lang is no stranger to Baden, as she had previously held the title of Badische Weinkönigin (Baden Wine Queen) before becoming the Deutsche Weinkönigin. Throughout her career, she has acquired extensive knowledge in wine production and oenology through her training at the Staatsweingut Freiburg, subsequent studies at the Weincampus in Neustadt (Pfalz), and experience as a cellar master.

In her new role, Katrin Lang will also contribute to the education and training of wine experience guides and participate in events. She will introduce herself to the media during a press conference planned for early February by the Weinbauverband and will be available as a contact person at the Baden joint stand during the ProWein trade fair in mid-March.

Perfect Brand Ambassador for the Region

“With her educational background and experience as a representative, Katrin is the perfect fit for this position. She is well-versed in Baden and our local wines,” says Holger Klein, Managing Director of the Badischer Weinbauverband. “Furthermore, she is one of the most well-known and popular influencers in the wine industry, bringing extensive knowledge in social media communication from her time as Deutsche Weinkönigin – the ideal conditions to ensure a positive external representation of Baden wine.”

This appointment comes after a rigorous selection process lasting over three months, during which the Weinbauverband sought the most suitable candidate for this important task. The position was advertised nationwide, and Katrin Lang stood out due to her qualifications and experience.

Supporting the Region’s Communication Efforts

The position of spokesperson for origin communication was established after it was announced that the Gebietsweinwerbeorganisation Badischer Wein GmbH (Regional Wine Marketing Organization Baden GmbH) would conclude its activities by December 31, 2023. The Badischer Weinbauverband sought to create a much-needed point of contact for wine enthusiasts, tourists, and cooperation partners, while also ensuring online communication for the region. The position is funded by resources from the Badischer Wein GmbH and the association.

As a means of supporting Katrin Lang in her work, the association has called on its member companies to voluntarily contribute to an origin campaign for Baden through a hectare levy. This levy will help finance various initiatives, including the creation of a brochure about the region and communication efforts on online platforms and social media.

“Although wine promotion is not necessarily part of the core responsibilities of the Weinbauverband, as the responsible body for protecting the origin of Baden, we cannot stand idly by if communication measures that have firmly established our origin in the minds of consumers are at risk of disappearing. Especially in the challenging market environment we currently find ourselves in,” says Klein.

The association has previously been actively engaged in promoting the region’s external representation through trade fairs, events, press work, and most recently, the “Baden-Paket” – a sustainable postal packaging printed with the “Baden” brand logo, directly delivering the Baden origin from local wineries and wine cooperatives to German households.

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