How a Former Bundeswehr Soldier Found Himself in a Homeless Shelter

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Former Bundeswehr Soldier Finds Support in Homelessness

Paul Reever, a 53-year-old former Bundeswehr soldier, has found himself living in a homeless shelter in Görlitz after experiencing a downward spiral in his life. Despite a successful military career, he was left with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and struggled to find stable employment. Eventually, his savings ran out, and he was unable to pay for housing, leading to his current situation as one of the 30 residents in the homeless shelter.

Reever’s story highlights the challenges faced by former soldiers who experience difficulties readjusting to civilian life after leaving the military. He initially attempted to work as a self-employed car glazier but was unable to sustain his business. As a result, he lost his entitlement to social benefits and eventually found himself without a home. The emotional toll of his experiences also strained his marriage, leading to his wife asking him to leave.

“I had never imagined I would end up in a homeless shelter. I had a successful career and a stable family life. But things started falling apart, and I experienced a downward spiral in the middle of my life,” says Reever.

After serving a two-month sentence in 2023, Reever was released in October and has been living in the homeless shelter since then. He acknowledges that he is now at rock bottom and realizes that he needs help to get back on his feet. Accompanied by social workers Franka Bergmann and Laura Lehfeld, who provide support and assistance to the residents, Reever has started embracing the possibility of receiving help and working towards regaining stability in his life.

Supporting the Homeless through the Lichtblick Foundation

One organization that has been instrumental in assisting Reever and other homeless individuals in the region is the Lichtblick Foundation. This foundation collects donations throughout the year to support those in need who may not have access to other forms of assistance. The funds are distributed to local social institutions, such as Diakonie, Caritas, DRK, Volkssolidarität, and youth and social welfare agencies, who can provide further aid to those struggling with homelessness.

The foundation’s support has allowed Paul Reever to see a glimmer of hope for his future. Together with his social workers, they have developed a plan to help him find suitable employment. They are currently working with the job center to create a practical training program that will help Reever identify a career path and potentially undergo vocational retraining. Once he completes the training, they will then assist him in finding a job and securing a new place to live.

Franka Bergmann, one of Reever’s social workers, believes that by mid-2024, he will have successfully rebuilt his life. Reever also acknowledges the unique sense of community and friendship he has discovered among the residents of the shelter, who share similar struggles and journeys towards stability.

Continuing Support for Those in Need

The Lichtblick Foundation relies on the generosity and support of the community to continue its vital work. During the recent donation season, which lasted from November to January, the foundation received a total of €776,821 in donations. This contribution from the readers of the Sächsische Zeitung newspaper will enable the foundation to provide ongoing assistance to individuals in precarious situations.

The success of the Lichtblick Foundation and its ability to positively impact lives is a testament to the goodwill and compassion of individuals who contribute to the cause. Every euro donated helps improve the lives of those facing homelessness, providing essential support and resources to rebuild their lives.

The Continued Battle Against Homelessness

The fight against homelessness is an ongoing challenge, but the Lichtblick Foundation remains committed to its mission. Unfortunately, the number of individuals struggling to afford basic necessities despite having employment continues to rise. This increase in poverty highlights the need for increased social support and solutions to combat the issue effectively.

“I fear that the number of people unable to afford everyday life despite having a job will continue to grow. Poverty is on the rise, but government assistance isn’t increasing adequately. Access to cultural participation is becoming more challenging for many. For this reason, Lichtblick will continue to have its hands full. I am immensely thankful for the unwavering support of our readers. It makes a world of difference,” says Katerina Lohse, the CEO of the Lichtblick Foundation.

In conclusion, the story of Paul Reever’s journey from a successful military career to homelessness highlights the challenges faced by many individuals in Germany. Through the support of organizations like the Lichtblick Foundation and dedicated social workers, steps are being taken to assist those in need and help them rebuild their lives. With ongoing community support and continued efforts to address systemic issues contributing to homelessness, there is hope for a brighter future for those experiencing homelessness in Germany.

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