New MRI: Görlitz Radiology Reduces Waiting Time to One Week

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Lusatia Radiologie in Görlitz-Königshufen Acquires Second MRT Machine

Lusatia Radiologie in Görlitz-Königshufen
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The Lusatia Radiologie in Görlitz-Königshufen has recently acquired a second magnetic resonance imaging (MRT) machine, making it a rare addition in the Ostsachsen region.

The doctors, Pawel Tomaszewski, Rainer Herold, and Friederike Schlichting, are proud of their new MRT device at the Lusatia Radiologie in Görlitz-Königshufen.

Just 14 months ago, Friederike Schlichting, Pawel Tomaszewski, and Rainer Herold opened the new Lusatia Radiologie in the Kö-Passage in Görlitz-Königshufen. Since then, they have grown their team from initially six to eight employees to now twelve to fifteen,” says Friederike Schlichting with excitement.

This new addition in radiology equipment signifies the expansion and success of the Lusatia Radiologie, highlighting their commitment to providing quality healthcare services to the community.

Improved Access to Medical Imaging Services

The acquisition of the second MRT machine at Lusatia Radiologie is a significant step towards addressing the growing demand for medical imaging services in Görlitz-Königshufen and the surrounding area.

With the addition of the second MRT machine, the wait time for patients requiring imaging procedures is set to be significantly reduced. This means shorter waiting periods and quicker access to crucial diagnostic services.

The availability of multiple MRT machines in the region is crucial in meeting the healthcare needs of the local population and ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses.

Continued Growth and Expansion

Since its opening, the Lusatia Radiologie has experienced rapid growth, both in terms of its team and patient base. The increased demand for their services reflects the trust and confidence placed in their expertise.

By expanding their capacity with the acquisition of a second MRT machine, Lusatia Radiologie is demonstrating its commitment to meeting the needs of the community and offering specialized medical imaging services.

Elevating Healthcare Standards in Ostsachsen

The establishment of the Lusatia Radiologie, along with its new MRT machine, contributes to elevating the standard of healthcare services in the Ostsachsen region.

With limited access to MRT machines in the area, the availability of advanced medical imaging technology at Lusatia Radiologie ensures that patients receive comprehensive and accurate diagnoses, enhancing treatment plans and improving overall healthcare outcomes.

The investment in state-of-the-art equipment further solidifies the Lusatia Radiologie’s position as a reliable and cutting-edge medical facility dedicated to delivering exceptional patient care.

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