Paint as heaters

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Paint as heaters

A company in Germany from Bayreuth has developed a heat and electricity conducting paint that can be coated onto walls to use as a radiator. Since then, there have been a few companies interested in this technology and have been able to replicate it.

The paint is made from graphite because the carbon within it, is able to conduct the electricity to produce heat so that it can be used to heat a room through infrared-technology. This color has been used mostly in very new buildings and is very efficient because it only needs 24 Volts to heat an entire house or flat. There are three ways of using these and the application is really easy.

You either paint the part of the wall, that you would like to use, add a copper wire, to supply the color with electricity, and then connect that to the special generator. You don’t need to paint a whole wall; one square is enough to heat an entire room. After the coat has dried, you can paint over it with a base color and then decorate the room as you would like. There is no special care needed.

The other option is a wallpaper, which is added to the drywall and also connected to the generator with a copper wire. The wallpaper is then incorporated in the plastering (just the edges) and the whole wall is then painted over with a base coat. This method is a lot faster because the wallpaper just has to be glued to the wall and there is no need to wait for the paint to dry before continuing the work.

The third option is a grid which can be placed underneath tiles. This is especially useful in the kitchen and bathrooms. You place the grid and then do the flooring as you’d usually do.

Using this method to heat a house is more efficient than the normal heating with electricity, gas or oil because it is cheaper, space-saving and better for the environment. It also warms the house a lot faster than a conventional heating source.

Right now, they are working on ways to integrate this technology into cars.

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