“SV Linx Welcomes New Addition and Extends Contracts: Building a Stronger Team for the Future”

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SVL welcomes new addition and extends contracts

The SV Linx, fresh off a 3-1 home victory against SV Bühlertal to start the second half of the season, has begun planning for the upcoming season. Ajoub El Manssouri made his debut against Bühlertal, showcasing his impressive technical abilities to the delight of the spectators. At just 20 years old, El Manssouri joined Linx from SV Langenwinkel during the winter break. The club has agreed to take the rest of the season to familiarize themselves with their newest talent.

Trainer Sinan Gülsoy shared his excitement about the inclusion of experienced players, saying, “Our young talents need the strength and experience of the seasoned veterans. That’s why I am pleased to announce that my long-time companions Maximilian Sepp and Kemal Sert will continue to be integral parts of our team next season.” Both Sepp and Sert, who have been with the club for five seasons, are considered leaders on and off the field.

Continuity and leadership for SVL

The contract extensions of Maximilian Sepp and Kemal Sert signal the club’s commitment to continuity and the importance of their valuable contributions. As key figures within the team, Sepp and Sert bring not only their skills and experience but also their leadership qualities to the table. Their long-standing presence in the club has earned them the respect and admiration of both teammates and fans alike.

Looking ahead to the future

The SV Linx’s strategic planning for the new season reflects their ambition to build on their recent success and further strengthen the team. With the addition of Ajoub El Manssouri and the continued presence of Sepp and Sert, the club aims to strike a balance between youthful talent and seasoned veterans. This combination of skill, experience, and leadership is vital for the club’s continued growth and success.

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