The First Golf Highlight of Dresden 2024: Register as a Team Now!

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Golf enthusiasts prepare for the DDV Golf Business Cup in Dresden

Golf enthusiasts in Dresden are eagerly anticipating the upcoming DDV Golf Business Cup, which is set to take place on April 27, 2024. As the first major golf tournament of the year, the event promises a combination of golfing, networking, and an exclusive evening celebration at the Ullersdorf golf course.

DDV Golf Business Cup
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A golfing experience for all

The DDV Golf Business Cup welcomes golfers of all skill levels, with the tournament being handicap-relevant and played in two Nettoklassen according to the Stableford scoring system. Exciting special ratings will also be included, ensuring a thrilling competition for participants. Winners can look forward to receiving numerous high-quality prizes, including the coveted Wanderpokal for the best team performance.

“Kommt man daher am besten nicht allein, sondern bringt auch gleich die passenden Spieler mit. Warum nicht zum Beispiel Geschäftspartner, Kunden oder Mitarbeiter als Team anmelden? Dann kann schon beim Spiel genetzwerkt werden – und gewonnen…”

An unforgettable evening celebration

In addition to the golfing aspect, participants can indulge in a delightful culinary experience throughout the day. An extensive breakfast before the start of the tournament and a small refreshment at the Golfplatzrestaurant “Zweite Heimat” after the round are included. However, the highlight of the day will undoubtedly be the evening celebration and prize-giving ceremony held in a unique and extraordinary ambiance. This exclusive event guarantees a feast for all the senses and is open to all participants and their guests.

“Getränke und Essen werden Ihnen serviert von CONVEA, Schloss Wackerbarth, Oppacher Mineralquellen sowie der Privatbrauerei Meißner Schwerter.”

Package options for participants

Participants have a range of package options available to choose from:

  • Werbepaket Par: The package includes being an official course partner, a large-scale presentation on the respective starting plane of the team, logo integration on the landing page of sä, 1 flight with 4 players, and 4 additional spots for the evening celebration. Price: 1,000€ net.
  • Einzelstartplatz: This option includes participation in the tournament, the evening celebration with food, drinks, and entertainment, for a price of 160€ gross. Alternatively, participants can choose to attend only the evening celebration as a guest for 90€ gross.

Registration information

To be part of this exciting golfing event, interested individuals can register for the DDV Golf Business Cup 2024. The tournament will commence at 8 am on April 27, 2024, at the Ullersdorf Golf Course, located at Am Golfpl. 1, 01454 Radeberg. For any inquiries, please email [email protected]

Acknowledging the event partners

We extend our gratitude to the following sponsors and partners who have made this event possible:

  • Presented by: Porsche Zentrum Dresden
  • Catering by: CONVEA, Schloss Wackerbarth, Oppacher Mineralquellen, and Privatbrauerei Meißner Schwerter
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